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Our School Culture

CSSJ Core Community Values

  • Respect for All: We respect and honor the cultures, backgrounds, values, and opinions of every community member.  

  • Everyone has a Voice: We advocate for ourselves; we encourage all community members to do the same and actively listen when they do. 

  • Social Justice: We embrace a climate of social activism and work to address issues that affect our lives and our community. 

  • Supportive Community: We build positive relationships with each community member so that they feel that they belong, are respected, and can succeed.

Students working collaboratively
Students in Family Group Posing

Family Group

Family Group is a safe space that allows students to build meaningful relationships with their peers and advisor. It is a place where students feel they belong and can be successful. Every student at CSSJ belongs to a Family Group, a group of about 15 students and advisors who meet daily and stay together through graduation. Family Group provides academic support, character development and opportunities for important self-reflection.

Students on a field trip posing

Restorative Practices

Our students are encouraged to value diversity, community membership, and to respect one another. CSSJ has implemented a Restorative Justice (RJ) approach to fostering positive behaviors, building healthy relationships and caring environments that reduce disruptive behaviors and that encourage success. RJ empowers students to take ownership over their community and promote our school’s core community values.

Student group photo at museum

Community Membership

We strive to help all students understand ways in which they can make a difference in their communities. Every year, students participate in service learning opportunities with nearby Bronx organizations and reflect on their contributions as members of their family group, school and local communities. Throughout all four years, students have the opportunity to be Restorative Justice peer mediators, student council members, attendance success mentors and student recruitment and staff hiring committee members, all of which foster student voice and leadership. 

Student and school social worker posing

College Prep Spotlight:  NYC Outward Bound Schools College March

Every year, NYC Outward Bound Schools seniors march their college applications out the front doors of our school and straight to the local post office, cheered on by the entire school. The College March, celebrated at all NYC Outward Bound Schools, plus dozens of schools outside of our network, is a powerful symbol of the idea that every student can succeed in college.

More about CSSJ


CSSJ offers a full slate of PSAL sports, including:

  • Girls Softball

  • Boys Baseball

  • Girls & Boys Basketball

  • Boys Soccer

  • Co-Ed Stunt

  • Girls Track & Cross Country

  • Girls Volleyball

Electives and After School Programs

  • Deloitte Academy College Readiness Program

  • Chess Club

  • Judo

  • Flag Football

  • Student Council

  • Word Up! Poetry Club

  • Open Doors Scholarship Program

What Students Say

  • 97% of CSSJ students say that they are learning a lot in their classes to prepare them for the next level or grade.

  • 94% of CSSJ students say that their classes make them think critically.

*Data as of 2018-19

What Parents Say

  • 99% of families say CSSJ helps keep their child on track for college, career, and success in life after high school. 

  • 99% of families say that CSSJ provides resources to them and their child to prepare their child for college, career, and success in life after high school

*Data as of 2018-19

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