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Community School for Social Justice is an active and caring learning community. Young people learn to solve and resolve, collaborate and create, and develop the intellectual and social skills to become thoughtful and engaged members of their communities. We honor each student’s heritage and values. We embrace a climate of social activism in which our students feel the confidence to address issues that affect their lives; we help them connect their desires with hope and possibility; and we provide the emotional and academic supports students need to earn a high school diploma and be successful in life. At CSSJ we place an emphasis on developing critical thinking through inquiry and project-based instruction. By understanding how to ask questions and examine real-life problems young people learn to consider solutions that are both practical and ideal. As students grow, learn, and reflect, we strive to guide them toward a sense of power and personal discovery to make change for themselves, for their own futures, and for the world in which they live.


Declaración de La Misión


La Escuela de la Comunidad Justicia Social es una Comunidad de aprendizaje cuidadosa y activa. Los jóvenes aprenden a resolver y solucionar, colaborar y crear y desarrollar el intelectual y las habilidades sociales para ser pensante y ser miembros comprometidos de sus comunidades. Nosotros honramos la herencia y valores de los estudiantes. Nosotros abarcamos un clima de activismo social en el cual nuestros estudiantes sienten confianza en comentar asuntos que afecten sus vidas. Nosotros los ayudamos a conectar sus decisiones con esperanza y posibilidad; y nosotros proveemos la ayuda emocional y académica necesaria para conseguir su diploma de escuela secundaria y ser exitoso en la vida. En CSSJ nosotros ponemos énfasis en desarrollar pensamiento crítico a través de adquirir instrucción basada en proyecto. Entendiendo como hacer preguntas y examinar problemas de la vida real de los jóvenes, aprenden y consideran soluciones que son ambas prácticas e ideales. Según los estudiantes crecen, aprenden y reflejan, nosotros luchamos por lograr guiarlos con sentido del poder y descubrimiento personal de hacer cambios ellos mismos, para su propio futuro y para el mundo en el cual ellos viven.


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The Student Experience


“[According to statistics], I should not have been the valedictorian.  I should not be going to college.  I shouldn't even be graduating.  But I am the exception because of my motivation and my support system.”

Angely Rosa, CSSJ Graduate 2014 (source)

“[Staff at CSSJ] made you feel like you're never alone.  If they see someone falling they're always willing to give a helping hand and go out of their way in order to keep a smile and hope for each and every one of the students that attend CSSJ.”

Renee Smith, CSSJ Graduate 2014

“My experience in CSSJ helped me grow as a student as well as a person.  Being there I learned how to push myself to my greatest potential.”

Karen Suero, CSSJ Graduate 2014


“Being in CSSJ helped me with my social life and presenting my work in classes.  Since I have always been a shy girl, working in groups and presenting my PBATs helped me overcome my shyness.”

Heather Diaz Castro, CSSJ Graduate 2014


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