Class of 2017 Update!

October 10, 2017

Hayley Rosario - SUNY Oswego. Hayley's favorite class so far is Astronomy. Her grades are good and she likes her roommate (a big plus!) . She is a mentor at the Oswego Middle School to a 12 year old boy! I've attached a pic of her in her dorm room -- looks beautiful!


Briyanna DiSalvio - Bethune-Cookman College in Florida, (HBCU). Briyanna had a very exciting start to the school year -- her campus was evacuated because of the hurricane and she had to leave with as much as she could carry! She went to family in Atlanta to wait out the storm and is now back at college safe and sound. Favorite class so far is English and she just received a A on her College Algebra course! I've attached a pic of her dorm room bed area. She sent me several pics of her room and door and there are sweet, inspirational quotes all around. 



Benjamin James - SUNY Potsdam. Ben received a 24.5 out of 25 on his first Calculus test. He is having a great time and dorming with Andrew. He sent me several pics of him on campus and a short video of Andrew, several other students, and him in a study group in his dorm room!  I've attached a pic.



Jomara Gutierrez - SUNY New Paltz. Jomara has settled into college and likes her Comparative Politics course the most. She is studying Portuguese and enjoying that class as well. I am sending a picture of Jomara in her dorm room. 



Andrew Yeboah - SUNY Potsdam. As I stated before, Andrew and Ben are roommates. Andrew is enjoying his classes and says he is learning a lot from them. He is thinking of social work as a potential career. He also sent me a lot of funny pics. I have attached a pic. 




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