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  • 9th Grade: Biology

  • 10th Grade: Chemistry I

  • 11th Grade: Chemistry II







The graduation level PBAT assesses students on their ability to perform scientific research, design a scientific experiment, collect and analyze scientific data, and formulate a conclusion grounded in data.  This process is then presented in the form of a scientific research paper and a PowerPoint presentation to a panel of evaluators.  The science department works up to this goal by scaffolding instruction from 9th and 10th grade.  The 9th grade MiniPBAT in science requires students to choose from a list of day-long scientific questions.  The presentation of the 9th grade MiniPBAT also allows students a way to communicate their accomplishments in a form that they are familiar with as well as a form that is authentic in the science community.   The rubric that is used to evaluate the 9th-grade PBAT incorporates elements from both the 9th grade PBATs as well as the Consortium rubric.  The 10th grade STEM PBAT in science requires students to design and create their very own ecologically sustainable house, and present the process in the form of a scientific research paper composed of all of the sections found in professional scientific journal articles, as well as their 11th-grade graduation level PBAT.


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