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Submit your Learning Preference for the 20-21 School Year

July 21, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian Community,

The 2019-2020 academic school year will be one to remember.  It was amazing to witness the strength of our community of students, teachers and parents throughout this historically challenging time. We all came together to successfully support our CSSJ students to finish the school year strong.  

As we look ahead to September, we find ourselves in uncharted waters once again. In July, Mayor Bill Deblasio announced that public schools will be implementing a blended learning model for the 2020-21 school year. This means that students will be taught on-site in school for part of the week and will attend school remotely on the other days of the week. We have already started planning what this will look like for next year and while things are changing rapidly, as of now we plan on having students in school 1-2 times per week. In addition, while in school all students must wear a face mask to assure that the safety guidelines are being met.  We are still waiting to receive the final decision from Governor Andrew Cuomo of whether or not public schools will be open for in-person classes. This decision will be made during the first week in August. 

In the meantime, the Department of Education would like to hear the educational option you believe is the best fit for your child for next year.  Please take a minute to complete the survey below and choose the best education option for your child: 

We will send another update on the plans for next year once the Governor makes the final decision. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our parent coordinator, Candida Cocco, at Thank you and be safe. 


Jaime Guzman


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