College Prep Club/Peer Mentoring Program

The College Prep Club is a college readiness group, created to assist students on the road to attending four year institution. Students receive guidance through the college application process and learn how to become competitive applicants. As part of our commitment to the CSSJ, students began a mentoring program to prepare the underclassmen with the senior expectations by teaching them about the different options there are to college and making them aware of what they should have done by the time they begin their Senior year.


Meeting Schedule:  Twice a month


Student Participants:

  • Karen Felix

  • Jacely Diaz

  • Kimberly Muentes

  • Cristine Cordero

  • Alpha Acquaye

  • Renato Mendoza

  • Moises Castillo

  • Joaquina Manzueta Deleon


Faculty Advisor:  Sue-Ann Rosch -



350 Gerard Avenue, Bronx, NY 10451 
Tel: 718-402-8481
Fax: 718-402-8650

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