Why PBATs?


  • PBATs are long-term projects that allow students to study a topic of their choice in-depth and express and exhibit learning through writing and oral presentation.


  • In the preparatory grade-level PBATs, students demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have learned and why it matters. In graduation-level PBATs, students demonstrate both deep content knowledge and analytic thinking around an inquiry question of their choice


  • These projects are designed to help students build the skills and knowledge necessary for success in college and beyond. College sustainability studies show that college students who completed PBATs for high school graduation consistently outperform those who took Regents exams.


  • We want our students to connect to their learning and become thoughtful and questioning community members. Throughout their careers at CSSJ students are engaged in numerous PBAT projects.


  • Many skills are developed, practiced and strengthened by doing each PBAT.  For example:

    • In-depth research, using a variety of sources

    • Reading increasingly sophisticated texts

    • Writing and revision

    • Writing in a variety of genres including research papers, comparative literary essays and science lab reports

    • Critical and analytical thinking

    • Multi-step problem solving

    • Organizing and categorizing information

    • Managing multiple tasks and deadlines

    • Collaboration and teamwork

    • Innovation and creativity

    • Public speaking and presentation

    • Identifying strengths and reflecting on learning


  • PBATs also allow for instructional coherence and differentiation in the classroom

    • Departments are able to vertically design curriculum in grades 9-12 around the content and skills needed to successfully complete PBATs. 

    • Grade-levels are also able to horizontally develop curriculum that focus on the PBAT skills needed within the grade level.

    • Unlike standardized tests, PBATs allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding in multiple modalities.  In addition, a range of topics is available to students, which allows teachers to adjust content sophistication depending on the individual student’s achievement level. 


Click here for the school-side assessment schedule chart.

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