Faculty Members:  

Anthony Rubino, 


The major objective of this course is to explore the numerous dimensions of health and wellness - personal, interpersonal, and community.  Students will gain information about health that will help them to make informed decisions and encourage others to do the same.  Students will also explore issues of social justice related to their health and to the health of their community.


Skills, Knowledge and Concepts:    Students will define healthy behaviors and how to apply their knowledge in their daily life and to their community.  They will practice interpersonal skills, including communication, assertiveness, and goal-setting.  Students will analyze, identify and role-play healthy or unhealthy situations.


Essential Questions:  

  1. What does “healthy” mean to you?

  2. How does personal health contribute to a healthier community?

  3. What does health have to do with social justice?

  4. What are the specific health issues that affect our communities, and why?


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