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Each student at CSSJ is part of a small advisory class called family group.  Each family group consists of approximately 15 students and one advisor, who meet four times per week throughout the four years of high school.  Family group is an important support system that helps students develop strong, positive relationships within the CSSJ community.  In family group, students learn how to set goals and develop strategies for reaching these goals.  They receive individual academic support from their peers and advisor.  Family group focuses on topics affecting teenagers, including a four year college readiness and life skills curriculum.  These groups make up the foundation of our school's community, and ensure that each student is both known and advocated for.  Relationships formed in family group continue beyond graduation, with alumni continuing to play an active role in the school community.


Family Group Advisors:


9th grade:

10th grade:


11th grade:


12th grade:

Amos' Family Group
Barbara's Family Group
Jason's Family Group
Jillian's Family Group
Katie's Family Group
Marian's Family Group
Pam's Family Group
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