Restorative Justice

What is Fairness Committee?:

The Fairness Committee of The Community School for Social Justice is a restorative justice model of school discipline. This model enforces positive conflict resolution, emphasizing on the violation of community norms established by all members of the school community. Fairness Committee seeks to encourage dialogue amongst community members in order to come to reach a consensus on appropriate consequences for those violations rather than handing out punishments.

What does Fairness Committee do?

As a model of restorative justice, the Committee aims to:

  1. Inspire empathy and self reflection on how one’s actions have affected others

  2. Restore the community in the wake of actions inconsistent with its values

  3. Reintegrate a member of the community who has violated our values back into the fabric and culture of the school


How does Fairness Committee Work?

The Fairness Committee includes teachers and students.  It typically involves six people:  one teacher facilitator, two student committee members, and the two people who are involved in the core value violation.  Any member of the community – adult or student – can take another to Fairness.  Fairness Committee members rotate on a case-to-case basis.


What are our Core Community Values?

  • Respect for All

  • Social Justice

  • Supportive Community

  • All Community Members Have a Voice


How to become a panel member:

  • Anyone can be a panel member! 

  • If you have ever been brought to the fairness committee, you are especially encouraged to participate as a panel member.


How to bring someone to the Fairness Committee:

  • Speak to your Family Group advisor or Social Worker.

  • Your Family Group Advisor or Social Worker will assess whether the issue can be resolved outside of Fairness Committee.

  • If the issue cannot be resolved outside of Fairness Committee, a Fairness Committee meeting will be scheduled.


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